Co-owner, Yoga Instructor
03 9469 2436

Jacqui is the co-founder of Industrial Strength & Fitness. Passionate about yoga and all things handstand related, Jacqui and Carl built the gym to create a space that ANY BODY could train and feel safe to explore their fitness journey in the best facility around.

Our resident Power Yogi instructor, Jacqui completed her 250 YTT at the highly respected Power Living, is a qualified ‘Controlled Strength’ coach under Shimi Nadaraja at Power & Posture, and has trained under the likes of Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Duncan Parviainen, and Sundy Subi.

An avid inversion junkie, Jacqui’s teaching is derived from the Vinyasa/Power-flow method, which emphasises building strength both physically and mentally in each practise.

As well as having 3 years of BJJ behind her, Jacqui has a degree in Psychology, and is interested in the formation of habits, goal-setting and nutrition.