About Sandra Alcorn

In 2018, Sandra competed in powerlifting at the Asia Pacific Open in Shanghai and brought home 3 Australian and 2 World Records! Sandra is absolutely the go-to trainer for those who want to improve technique and programming for overall strength, whether it be specifically for power-lifting competition preparation, to improve performance in other athletic fields, or even just for general well-being.

A senior Science teacher for almost 20 years, Sandra fought through major health issues such as cancer, the surgery for which involved the removal of most of her left lung. Sandra has the skills and knowledge of sound rehab practices (working with allied health professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists) to assist those recovering from accidents, illness and surgery, and can assist clients with chronic health conditions.

In her 40s, Sandra lives everyday managing motherhood and family, running a PT business, and preparing for powerlifting competitions. Sandra has plenty of real-life, practical experience at getting the balance right between work, self care and good health.

Sandra Alcorn

Sandra Alcorn

Personal Trainer & Strength Coach

  • 0409 897722
  • sandra@yourtimestartsnow.com.au

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