About Margarita Gallego

Margarita has been a student of yoga for over 16 years but admits to falling out of the practice at times of compounded stress and injuries or life changes in the past. What she loves about yoga is that it always brings her back to her strength, on so many levels. She acknowledges the mind body connection runs deep.

In 2014, Margarita suffered a debilitating attack of MS. With determination she slowly recovered her mobility through a combination of physiotherapy and Pilates, then weight training and yoga. Every detail of her previous lifestyle was rearranged in to one of wellness.

With gratitude for her illness and much new-found knowledge of the human body, Margarita embraced a commitment to yoga. Now a Les Leventhal trained teacher of Vinyasa Yoga, she comes to us with the experience of having led classes of all levels in Dubai, Malaysia and Bali.

"I love opening people up to possibilities on the mat. Sometimes it's physical and other times it's mental or emotional. Often it's ever so subtle - but there's a shift in a blockage of energy and it is always a buzz of magic!"

Margarita Gallego

Margarita Gallego

Yoga Instructor

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