About Carl Drapper

Carl started started training in martial arts over three decades ago under the guidance of Mick Nicholls and Ricky O'Brien in Freestyle Combat, eventually grading up to 2nd degree black belt under their instruction. Whilst training under Mick, Carl was exposed to many great and varied martial arts and martial arts masters such as Guru Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell, Erik Paulson, Tony Blaurer and Nino Pillar.

Carl was first exposed to Muay Thai in the late 1980s after Mick Nicholls returned from a training trip to Thailand. In 1994, Carl fought in Thailand for the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) under its General Secretary, Mr Stephan Fox (Contender Asia mentor).

In 1999, Carl moved to London, England, and taught at the revered Peacock Gym in Canning Town. And in in 2002, Carl relocated to Thailand to work directly for the WMC in Bangkok running its international office, coordinating multiple IFMA World Championships and overseeing the WMC camp in Koh Samui. Training with such legends as Nokweed Davy, Paul Slowinksi (The Sting), Bruce MacFie (The Preacher) and Alex Dally, Carl forged strong relationships with many world-class fighters and trainers.

After three years in Thailand, Carl returned to Melbourne to rebuild the Hangar 4 gym (originally based in Essendon). Shortly after becoming the owner of Hangar 4, Carl began training in Tabata (high-intensity interval training, or HIIT) under ex-AFL star, Andrew Bews. Amazed at how quickly his strength and fitness improved, Carl brought HIIT to the Hangar to help his fighters get fitness and control their weight, and has been teaching it ever since.

Carl is now the owner, Head Muay Thai Coach and HIIT Coach at Industrial Strength & Fitness and Hangar 4 MMA, Melbourne's best best MMA and functional training facility.

Carl Drapper

Carl Drapper

Muay Thai Instructor & HIIT Coach

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