About Allan

Allan has been in the health and fitness industry for close to 20 years, and STILL has the same passion and drive he did on day one. Over the past two decades, Allan has seen his clients achieve some incredible goals. The journeys his clients go though often leave Allan amazed; he frequently marvels at what people can achieve when they put their minds to it.

Allan's true passion is strength and conditioning, has studied varied sports such as indoor cycling, boxing and kettlebell training, and loves new fitness challenges ranging from Olympic lifts to CrossFit.

Allan, who is himself a trainer and assessor of personal trainers, consistently seeks to educate himself in all things health and fitness related, his philosophy being that if you are not learning, you are not growing.

Allan Williams

Allan Williams

HIIT Coach

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  • info@industrialstrengthandfitness.com.au

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Industrial Strength & Fitness - home of Hangar 4 MMA, Melbourne's 1st ever MMA gym - is the north of Melbourne's biggest (and friendliest!) 24-hour weights and functional training gym. Find us at 3/3B Newlands Road, Reservoir, Vic 3073 (near Crocs Playcentre).

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  • info@industrialstrengthandfitness.com.au
  • 03 94692436
  • 3/3B Newlands Road, Reservoir, Vic 3073

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