Club Rules

Everyone at Industrial Strength & Fitness (on all Membership Types) must abide by the Club Rules (“Rules”); they are part of your Membership Terms at Industrial Strength & Fitness.

Before Starting Out at Industrial Strength & Fitness and Hangar 4 MMA

  1. Talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness program or using our Club facilities.
  2. All members and guests must fill in a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire before using our Club’s facilities. We may ask for a letter from your doctor confirming that it is safe for you to exercise.
  3. If your medical circumstances change during your membership with us, please let us know straight away.

Your Access Pass/FOB

  1. Your Access Pass gives you access to the Club’s 24-hour gym.
  2. If your Access Pass is lost, damaged or stolen, you will need to pay for a new one at a replacement fee of $25.
  3. If your Membership Fees aren’t up to date, or your Membership is frozen, suspended or terminated, your Access Pass will be deactivated so you cannot enter the Club.
  4. You must swipe your Access Pass every time you enter the Club. You must not let anyone else use your Access Pass even if they are a Member of the Club.
  5. When using your Access Pass to enter or exit the Club you must not hold the door open for anyone else, regardless of whether or not they are a Member.
  6. If you let a non-Member into the Club:
    1. You accept responsibility and liability on the non-Member’s personal behalf for any injury, loss or damage attributed to the non-Member whether or not caused through the negligence of Industrial Strength & Fitness.
    2. You will be charged an automatic fine of $150 which will be deducted from your nominated bank account if you pay your Membership Fees by Direct Debit, or invoiced to you at your nominated address in you have paid your Membership Fees in advance, and your Access Pass will be deactivated until you have paid this fine.
    3. Industrial Strength & Fitness reserves the right to terminate your Membership.

The Club’s facilities

  1. The Club’s staffed hours are posted on our website, www.industrialstrengthandfitness.com.au
  2. Use of our martial arts rooms is restricted to our staffed hours only.
  3. Do consume food or beverages (other than bottled water, sports drinks and protein bars) on the Club’s premises.
  4. Do not bring alcohol or illegal drugs into the Club.
  5. Do not use the Club’s facilities while under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, beta blockers (unless you provide a letter from your doctor), narcotics or tranquillisers.
  6. Do not smoke inside or near the entrances or exits to the Club.
  7. Do not photograph or film members without their consent.
  8. Absolutely no photos or videos are permitted in the change rooms. We reserve the right to ask you to delete any content we deem inappropriate.
  9. You will need to pay for any loss or damage you cause to the Club or its property.

Gym floor etiquette

  1. Replace all weights and equipment after use.
  2. A towel must be used on all equipment. Wipe down equipment after each use.
  3. Use equipment only for its intended purpose and follow the instructions provided.
  4. Ask for help if you need it.
  5. Please let us know immediately any of our equipment is broken or unsafe.
  6. Do not bring your own gym equipment (other than martial arts equipment) into the Club.
  7. No food, drinks or bags are to be left on the gym floor or in the middle of the studio floors. Walkways must be kept safe and unobstructed at all times.
  8. Do not bring glass bottles into the gym or studios; plastic or aluminium only.
  9. Take your empty drink bottles home with you or put them in the bin.

Our group classes

  1. If you’re more than 5 minutes late for a group exercise class you may not be able to join in. Please arrive a few minutes early and make sure you warm up beforehand.
  2. Please follow all instructions given by our instructors; don’t just do your own thing (unless you have been advised you may do so by the instructor). Your own thing might be dangerous to you or to the students around you.
  3. Let the instructor know if there’s an exercise or drill that you can’t do due to injury, pain or discomfort.
  4. When you’re finished using equipment such as ropes, Thai pads or yoga blocks, return the equipment to its rightful place.
  5. Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing are combat sports, and our kids’ Freestyle Karate classes incorporate multiple martial arts. Martial arts can be dangerous and accidents and injuries can occur. Participation in our martial arts classes is done entirely at your own risk.
  6. Class timetables and instructors may change without notice.

Lockers, change rooms and your belongings

  1. Lockers are available for use only while you’re on Club premises and for a maximum of 3 hours at a time. Lockers will be opened each morning and any items left in lockers overnight will be removed. If your belongings aren’t collected within 7 days we’ll donate them to charity.
  2. Lockers may only be used for items such as gym kits, toiletries and clothes. If we have reasonable grounds for suspecting that a locker is being used for something inappropriate, we reserve the right to open the locker and remove any offending items.
  3. We cannot guarantee that the use of a locker will stop theft or damage to your belongings from occurring; you use the lockers entirely at your own risk.
  4. Take your belongings home with you after each class. Equipment that is left behind will be kept for 14 days. If it is not claimed within 14 days it will be donated to charity or thrown out.
  5. Only one person in a shower cubicle at any one time.

Personal Training

  1. Only Industrial Strength & Fitness Personal Trainers can provide personal training in our clubs. Please do not bring your own trainers into our Club, we will only ask them to leave.

What to wear

  1. Exercise gear fit for purpose must be worn at all times. Bare chests are not allowed.
  2. Closed footwear at all times on the gym floor.
  3. No shoes (other than wrestling boots) on the martial arts mats.
  4. Wear the appropriate uniform for your martial arts class and use your own martial arts equipment. The Club’s equipment, including boxing gloves, spare Gi tops and shin pads, is available for use by new students only.
  5. If you do not wear shoes for your class (e.g. yoga or Muay Thai), remember to wear shoes to and from class.
  6. If you need to get changed, please use the change rooms.

Code of Conduct for martial arts classes

  1. Be respectful to your instructors, team-mates and other students at all times.
  2. When kids are present please ensure you use appropriate language.
  3. Warm-up before class, just don’t do it on mats where classes are already in progress.
  4. If you are late to class stand at the edge of the mat until your instructor waves you on.
  5. If you need to leave the mat during a class, advise the instructor first; please don’t just walk off the mat.
  6. Stick to the drills your instructor is showing you. Even though you may know more advanced variations, be respectful of your instructor and newer students and follow instructions.
  7. If two groups get too close during sparring or rolling, the lower ranks should stop and move to another space on the mat.
  8. Talking should be kept to a minimum and should relate to the class subject.
  9. Mobile phones must be switched to silent during class times. If you need to answer your phone urgently, advise your instructor and leave the mat to answer the call.
  10. Do not use the skills we teach you outside of the gym (unless in self-defence). If we find out that you are bullying, harassing or intimidating others, either inside or outside of the Club, your membership will be terminated.
  11. No food or drinks on the mats. Leave your water bottles at the side of the mat (without obstructing the walkways).
  12. Sparring is NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES during non-staffed hours and without an instructor present.
  13. Special note for BJJ students: Do not slam your opponent. EVER.

Hygiene and health for martial arts students

  1. Do not train if you are sick. You may think you’re ever-so-brave by powering through, but your team mates will not thank you when they wake up sick the following morning.
  2. Do not come on the mats if you a bacterial skin infection.
  3. Keep your uniform clean.
  4. No dirty feet on the mat; if you need to leave the mat to go to the bathroom, put your shoes on first.
  5. Keep your fingernails and toenails short.
  6. Remove all jewellery, piercings and necklaces before training.
  7. Wear a mouth-guard. Teeth are nice to have. Look after them.

Safety in the Club

  1. The Club is open 24 hours a day for Members. Casual Guests may only use the Club during staffed hours.
  2. Members acknowledge that the premises and facilities are not directly supervised at all times when the Club is open. Industrial Strength & Fitness does not provide any guarantee or warranty as to personal safety during periods of unsupervised training.
  3. Emergency Alert Necklaces are located at the entrance of the weights gym. Emergency Alert Necklaces must be worn AT ALL TIMES whilst training at Industrial Strength & Fitness during non-staffed hours.
  4. For emergency assistance press the red duress buttons. See the emergency evacuation diagrams for the location of all duress buttons.
  5. The first aid kit is located on the last office wall as your walk from the hallway into the gym. The portable first aid kit is located in the Muay Thai room.
  6. Do not obstruct or interfere with the Club’s fire doors or fire exits.
  7. Follow any health and safety notices displayed in our Club.
  8. For your safety and the safety of others, members are expected to immediately report any accidents, incidents, or problems with services and or facilities to Industrial Strength & Fitness’s management or staff.
  9. In an emergency, or when an announcement is made, follow the instructions given to you by Club staff at all times. If you do not evacuate when asked we will treat this as a serious breach of our Club Rules.
  10. In the event of a building evacuation all members are required to EXIT the nearest door (at the front or back of the building). You are required to familiarise yourself with the emergency evacuation diagrams located at the front and back exits and on the hallway wall.
  11. Exit doors are alarmed; opening an exit door at Industrial Strength & Fitness will set off our security system procedures are activated and emergency alarms. Pressing the duress buttons in non-emergency situations will result in a $200 fine from your account and/or you being banned from the Club.
  12. We use 24-hour CCTV to monitor any incidents at our Club.

Other stuff

  1. Industrial Strength & Fitness may occasionally take photographs and videos of the Club, its facilities and members. We’ll try our best to get your OK beforehand but this may not always be possible. We reserve the right to use these images and videos for commercial purposes without payment.
  2. Industrial Strength & Fitness does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Failure to follow this Rule may result in the termination of your Membership.
  3. Always respect other Club members, guests and our staff. Please use the Club in a way that doesn’t disturb, detract or impair anyone else’s experience.

Changes to our Club Rules

  1. We may change these Rules occasionally. Please keep an eye out for any changes on our website industrialstrengthandfitness.com.au
  2. Please abide by our Club Rules. We don’t want to have to ask you to leave.
  3. Membership applications are approved only at the Club’s discretion.
  4. If we terminate your Membership, it will be at our discretion as to whether you are eligible to join again in the future.

Where We Are

Industrial Strength & Fitness - home of Hangar 4 MMA, Melbourne's 1st ever MMA gym - is the north of Melbourne's biggest (and friendliest!) 24-hour weights and functional training gym. Find us at 3/3B Newlands Road, Reservoir, Vic 3073 (near Crocs Playcentre).

Contact Us

  • info@industrialstrengthandfitness.com.au
  • 03 94692436
  • 3/3B Newlands Road, Reservoir, Vic 3073

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