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Industrial Strength & Fitness

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A core conditioning class which builds abdominal strength, develops postural support and tones the mid-section.


Yoga combines breathing and posture techniques with strength and flexibility to give you a relaxing workout.


Combat is a cardio workout inspired by martial arts where you punch and kick your way to being stronger and fitter.


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Situated conveniently at the WestOcean shopping center; Starr offers a world class facility coupled with experienced and fully accredited training staff.

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  • 123 6th St. Melbourne, FL 32904

World Class Facilities

What We Offer

Fitness Classes

A wide range of exciting group fitness classes.

Fitness Areas

Dedicated Spin, Circuit, Cardio, Group Fitness and Boxing areas.

Personal Trainers

Accredited and experienced Personal Trainers.

Child Facilities

Creche and child minding facilities


Convenient and free all day parking

Family Business

A level of quality that only a family owned can provide.
Industrial Strength & Fitness

Our Team

Train with Experts

Carl Drapper

Gym Owner, HIIT coach, head Muay Thai coach

Raquel Cutajar

Club Manager, HIIT coach, PT

Sandra Alcorn

Power-lifting expert, PT

Jakob McDowell

HIIT coach, PT

Karen Fernando

HIIT coach, PT


HIIT Coach

Industrial Strength & Fitness

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Member Stories

I have now been attending the gym for the last two months I wanted to write in and say how much I appreciate the quality of the facilities and the professionalism of the staff who work at the gym. It's a pleasure to use the gym - there is a great atmosphere and the time flies!

Industrial Strength & Fitness
Levi Foster

I couldn't recommend Erik more highly as a personal training instructor. Since I started personal training in August 2017, with the goal of building up strength and getting back into a regular gym routine, Erik has created fun, motivational and effective programmes for both personal training sessions and training alone. I have achieved my goal of building a gym routine around a busy London lifestyle that keeps me toned, fit, and happy.

Industrial Strength & Fitness
Spencer Maria

Through our personal training sessions I have been introduced to a wide variety of exciting but challenging exercises that are tailored to my specific requirements and goals. Jen is very skilled at continually re-assessing the skill level I am at and translating this into my weekly programme, which means she is always ready with a more difficult variation of any exercise for me to try! The effectiveness and enthusiasm in Jenu2019s approach has meant that I have already recommended Jen as a personal trainer to many of my friends and will continue to do so.

Industrial Strength & Fitness
Kayden Terence

I enjoyed my personal training sessions with Elbert - she motivated me to do more. When I first started the sessions I had backache from sitting down all day. The exercises she gave me to do, improved my back muscles and now it does not ache. Thank you for getting me active again.

Industrial Strength & Fitness
Eldon Rickey

Training with Norman is enjoyable and worthwhile. His sessions are carefully planned and he really cares about your progress. He knows more anatomy than me and I'm a doctor.

Industrial Strength & Fitness
Headley Terance