In 2017, Carl and Jacqui set out to open a gym built on the same core values as Hangar 4 MMA, Melbourne’s 1st MMA gym, the martial arts gym they've owned and operated in the local community for more than a decade. And so Industrial Strength & Fitness (ISF) was born.

At its core, ISF is diverse and inclusive; we believe that everyone - no matter their age, experience, training goals, or fitness level - has the right to feel safe and welcome when they walk through our doors. We understand that everyone is travelling their own fitness path and deserves to do so without judgement. And we uphold inclusion vehemently; we have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, bullying, and harassment. We refer to this as our “strict no-d***head policy”.

Our community is made up of bodybuilders and runners, fighters and yogis, athletes and weekend warriors, and absolutely EVERY BODY in between. And we don’t just hire our coaches straight out of Personal Training school like most of our competitors. All of our coaches live and breathe their passions. We have World Powerlifting champions, physique models, booty-building experts, weight-loss specialists, multiple State Muay Thai Champions, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Pacific gold-medal winners, Strongman title dominators, and spiritual yogis teaching and training within our walls.

So if you’re tired of being hassled in the gym when all you want to do is train; disappointed that as soon as you’ve put pen to contract you’re lucky to get a cursory “hello” from your gym’s staff; or if you’re tired of feeling like you just don’t belong in a gym, come and try out Industrial Strength & Fitness. We promise you’ll be welcomed into our safe, friendly, and respectful training environment. And you don’t just need to take our word for it; check out the testimonials below from our members.

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